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Books by Mark Elliott

General Information on Complementary Therapies:



Holism in Veterinary Practice

Supplements for Health

A selection of articles by Mark Elliott

Neutering of Dogs - a review of some of the facts around this subject

Who can legally treat animals?

Arthritis treatments for dogs

Articles by others of particular interest

"Medics remain Creationists, oblivious to Darwin"

Research by Mark Elliott

Published 2001. "Cushing's Disease; a new approach to therapy in equine and canine patients" M Elliott. British Homeopathic Journal (2001) 90, 33-36  pdf article

Published January 2007. "Outcomes from homeopathic prescribing in veterinary practice: a prospective research-targeted, pilot study" RT Mathie, L Hansen, MF Elliott and J Hoare. Homeopathy (2007) 96, 27-34.  pdf article

**New Study** Published February 2010. "Homeopathic prescribing for chronic conditions in equine veterinary practice in the UK" RT Mathie, L Hansen, MF Elliott and J Hoare. The Veterinary record (2010) 166,234-237 pdf article

Other Research Links

**New Study** Published March 2009. "Pilot study of the effect of individualised homeopathy on pruritis associated with atopic dermatitis in dogs" PB Hill, J Hoare, P Lau-Gillard, J Rybnicek, RT Mathie. The Veterinary Record (2009) 164: 364-370  pdf abstract

Downloads for Patients

Plussing method for Animals

Plussing Method for People

Patient Questionnaire (Human)

Alternative Medical Information Sites excellent site for information on many modern illnesses, supplements and general health advice informative alternative view on Cancer treatment

Vaccination Information

Letter published in Vet Times 1

Letter published in Vet Times 2  US website campaigning on vaccine issues for animals Provides information for parents who are looking into the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations.  interesting site for human vaccines

Look at for very interesting story re Polio. interesting video on vaccine contaminants




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Homeopathic Vets: 

Veterinary Acupuncturists:

Faculty of Homeopathy:

British Homeopathic Association:

Society of Homeopaths:

FUNDING YOUR TREATMENT: gives information about insurers that accept Marks qualification for human patients.

The Devon School of Homeopathy :

Worldwide Links Page

Other Veterinary Practitioners Websites:

Geoff Johnson (Somerset) . Geoff, like Mark, is also qualified in treating the human animal.

Nick Thompson (Bath/Bristol area and London):

Sue Armstrong (Leeds and North West England):  

Holly Mash (Bristol) :

Local Complementary Medicine Practitioners

Not so local Complementary Medicine Practitioners

Other Animal Healing, Healthcare and Training Websites: a great local team for all aspects of dog training  Natural Horsemanship website "because Mutts need manners!"

Homeopathy Websites for analysis programmes and course info. a great read a free book debunking the attacks on Homeopathy of recent months

Suppliers of Homeopathy, Herbal and other remedies, Books etc.

Alternative Training (for Books, Courses and info):

Publications I write for on Veterinary Matters

Charities I support

 Lowland Search Dogs (Sussex) a small local charity for Cats and Rabbits a locally founded charity working for children and small domestic animals in Africa. See News

Websites of General Interest essential reading for us all. The website of the national pure water association - a must read a website promoting health ideas for pets and mentions us. Alexandra is a great friend and often has interesting blogs on health and animals to read.

Local Sites to Visit in the Area:

Places to Stay wonderful holiday cottages in the area

Local Businesses helping Dogs stylish kennels and runs for dogs stylish beds for high class dogs